Strategic Economic Plan

We are currently refreshing the Strategic Economic Plan so it aligns better with Oxfordshire's current economic environment and takes on board recent work on:

  • The Oxfordshire Skills Strategy
  • The Strategic Environmental Economic Investment Plan
  • The Creative, Cultural, Heritage and Tourism Investment Plan
  • Innovation Strategy

Workshops took place across the county throughout February and March to provide valuable insight into the economic future of Oxfordshire. A period of public consultation then followed in April and May whereby local residents and business submitted their comments on the proposed SEP refresh.

The consultation period for the Oxfordshire SEP Refresh closed on 27th May 2016. We would like to extend our thanks to those who took the time to express views. The Consultation Responses document, together with an Addendum can be found here.

We have carefully considered the comments received during the public consultation period and have revised the SEP 2016 which can be accessed here.

We have been asked to publish the revised SEP with 'tracked changes' so that the changes can be seen clearly. This document can be accessed here.

During the autumn months the SEP was considered at:

  • The six Local Authority Executive and Cabinet meetings
  • The OxLEP Board
  • The Oxfordshire Growth Board
  • The Oxfordshire Skills Board

We would like to thank all of the Local Authorities, and the various Boards for their valuable input.

We have compiled all the comments and questions made by Members during this process, together with our responses to them in turn. This document can be accessed here.

Next steps:

We are now further revising the SEP in light of the comments received from the Local Authorities and the OxLEP, Oxfordshire Growth and Skills Boards. A final SEP 2016 will be published in January 2017. A new timetable can be accessed here.