Strategic Economic Plan

The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership prepared a Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) for the county that was adopted and submitted to Government in March 2014.

The SEP sets out our ambition to 2030 – to drive innovation and accelerated economic growth to meet the needs of our science and knowledge rich economy placing Oxfordshire at the forefront of the UK’s global growth ambitions. The SEP will determine how much of the national £2 billion Single Local Growth Fund will come to Oxfordshire to direct growth in the county in the medium to long term.

Read the full SEP here.

Please see FAQs for more information on the SEP.

Now in 2016, OxLEP is currently refreshing the Strategic Economic Plan to so it can align better with Oxfordshire's current economic environment. Workshops on this SEP refresh took place across the county throughout February and March and aimed to provide valuable insight into the economic future of Oxfordshire. A period of public consultation then followed whereby local residents and business submitted their comments on the proposed SEP refresh.