Oxfordshire's economy

The strength of the Oxfordshire economy is its diversity. From outer space to outdoors arts festivals and from biosciences to banking, Oxfordshire has a rich mix of business sectors that is helping to drive the UK economy forward.

Oxford is home to the world renowned University of Oxford as well as other important academic institutions. The academic excellence of Oxford feeds through to the wider economy in terms of research and development and inward investment. Oxford’s rich historical heritage means that the city is a key world tourism destination.

Tourism is robust across the county with its impressive hospitality venues, beautiful countryside and venues such as the World Heritage Site of Blenheim Palace. West Oxfordshire’s Cotswolds landscape attracts significant investment with Forbes magazine placing Burford as one of the most idyllic places to live in Europe.

The county is home to Formula One such as Williams and Renault and its automotive sector is strengthened by the presence of BMW in Oxford. Science Vale UK has one of the largest concentrations of multi-million dollar science research facilities in Europe. This includes the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus where more than 4500 people work on a range of science projects – from new medicines to the exploration of space with the work of the European Space Agency.

The Diamond Synchrotron at Harwell can project light that is as much as 100 billion times brighter than the sun while Harwell also houses ISIS, the world’s most powerful pulsed neutron source. Over 60 high tech businesses are based at Milton Park while the Culham Science Centre is the home to the UK’s fusion research programme.

Oxfordshire’s economy benefits from links to the defence sector, such as the defence logistics hub at Bicester and excellent transport links as has been demonstrated by the growth of businesses around Didcot. With manufacturing firms in Banbury and R&D firms in southern Oxfordshire, the county’s rich mix of business sectors is Oxfordshire’s strength.

With global headquarters and research and development facilities for world leading high technology companies such as Oxford Instruments, Siemens MR Magnet Technology, Sophos, RM plc, Infineum and Sharp, Oxfordshire is providing state of the art facilities that are shaping the future economy.